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Sea Moss UK brings you our Focus Sea Moss gel, containing Shilajit - made with the highest quality and purity of organic and wildcrafted Sea Moss from the pristine waters of St. Lucia to our customers and with pure Shilajit resin sourced from India.

Sea Moss UK is clean, pure and 100% certified. Please send us an email to hello@seamoss.co.uk, if you’d like to see a certificate of analysis.


Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is known for its many benefits. Shilajit is a black sticky substance that exudes from rocks in the Himalayan Mountains. It is rich in minerals and nutrients, making it an ideal supplement for those who are looking to improve their health and well-being.

Focus Sea Moss Gel containing Shilajit, has antiviral agents that cure and prevent respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, flu and even tuberculosis as it is rich in potassium chloride.

It aims to help support weight management and a healthy metabolism. When used as part of a total slimming program, it can safely support energy levels and systemic balance in both the stomach and digestive system, without stimulants - supporting your vital organs.

It has the ability to:

- help to fight and reduce join and muscle pain

- help to promote a healthy and strong immune system

- promote thyroid function and health

- can assist in weight loss and helping to control body weight


Add 1-2 tbsp. daily to power up your smoothies, soups, gravies and stews

Add 1 tsp. to teas and coffees and hot drinks

Apply 1 tbsp. daily as a face/hair mask - wash off when dry

Sea Moss Gel lasts around 3-4 weeks and needs to be kept refrigerated.

Can be frozen for up to 6 months but please decant into a freezable container or ice cube tray.


Shilajit, Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Distilled Water.


Do not exceed the stated dose. Not suitable for those under the age of 18 or pregnant women and/or nursing mothers.

If you have known medical conditions, consult your doctor prior to taking these capsules. Discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately if any adverse effects or reactions are felt.

Please keep remember that this is a Food Supplement and supplements should not substitute a balanced and varied diet.

Keep out of reach from children.

Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non GMO

Please note that gels can only be shipped to the UK